Our School Vision

School Mission Statement

We aim to create a school where each child achieves his full potential as a well-rounded responsible member of society through encouragement and example; where training of the child includes the spiritual, intellectual, moral, physical and social aspects of human development; and where a love of learning and an appreciation of life and the world is engrained.

The school aims in particular to:
• respect the dignity of the student with his background, tradition and beliefs, valuing the potential of each and encouraging the strong to support the weak.
• Enable the student to develop a healthy self-image and to form positive relationships with others.
• Encourage in the student a sense of creativity and of collaboration with others.
• Promote the student’s appreciation of his cultural heritage.
• Prepare the student through academic training for his vocational role in life.
• Provide opportunities for the student to experience God in the wonder of creation, in worship and in service of others
• Develop a critical sense in the student, helping him to challenge the forces that threaten human life.
• Provide a disciplined atmosphere in which the student is encouraged to grow in freedom and to take increasing responsibility for his own education and for the life of the school community.

School Ethos
The school recognises the central role of the family as the primary educator of the child. The school also accepts and supports the constitutional right and duty of the parents to provide for the religious, moral, intellectual, physical and social education of their children.
The school aims to provide the best possible environment to cater for the cultural, educational, moral, physical, religious, social, linguistic and spiritual values and traditions of all its students, with the resources available to us. The focus of the school philosophy is the education of the whole child to reach his full potential. We show special concern for the disadvantaged, respecting the dignity and uniqueness of each person. Conscious of the legacy of Edmund Rice, our school upholds the values and principles of a Christian education in the Catholic tradition. Working together as a school community, the Board of Management, Principal, staff, parents and pupils will strive to provide an environment, which will allow all students to develop to their maximum potential and fulfill their role in society.

Finally, and equally as important as academic success, is the attitude of the children.  We hope that when they leave C.B.S. they would:
• Have concern and respect for the welfare of others and for the rules, which govern the community.
• Enjoy learning and be prepared to tackle further education.
• Be confident in their abilities.
• Be proud of their school and be a credit to their families.


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